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Alcon Consultant Engineers Ltd implements technical designs and carries out the supervision of any type of Electrical & Mechanical installations, such as :

  • Energy Saving

  • Exploitation of Renewable Energy

  • Air Conditioning facilities, Heating, Ventilation

  • Hydration Water Supply - Potable Water Treatment - Sewage Processing Plants - Wastewater Treatment

  • Fire Facilities

  • Electrical installations

  • Lighting

  • Telecommunication Systems

  • Distribution Medium and Low Voltage

  • Substations and Power Systems

  • Lightning Protection - Earthing Systems

  • Equipment industry, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, theaters, etc.

  • Special Installations


The company's experience in electrical & mechanical designs, of each category mentioned above, is evidenced, not only by the numerous elaborated studies, particularly in high quality projects of large and demanding requirements, but also by the highly experienced personnel.

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