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Alcon Consultant Engineers Ltd. specializes in the following type of projects in the Energy Sector :

  • Renewable Energy Sources (Solar, Hydroelectric, Wind, Biomass, etc.)

  • Natural Gas

  • Cogeneration of electricity and heating

  • Energy Saving

  • Replacement of Conventional Energy with Natural Gas

  • Bioclimatic and Energy building design

  • Systems minimizing energy consumption


Specifically, the Services for Licensing - Research - Funding of PV stations and other renewable energy projects under the Development Act or other operational programs, are :

  • Assessment of the court suitability for the installation of  electricity production stations from RES

  • Preliminary Design, Economic Evaluation and assessment of  produced electricity

  • Production - Installation - Operation Licenses

  •  Environmental Licensing

  • Connection process  to the P.P.C.

  • Detailed Design and Study Implementation for the construction of stations

  • Preparation, submission to the Ministry of Economy and management of Technoeconomic Design File for inclusion of investment in the Investment Law

  • Files syntax for inclusion of projects in Operational Programs

  • Evaluation of Technical Specifications and Equipment Finance Offers

  •  Design Works optimization

  •  Implementation of the latest technologies and solutions.

  •  Supervision of the construction

  •  Project Management

  •  Project Delivery

  •  Monitoring of  the operation and maintenance of the project

The company has experience in energy audits and provide all services for integration, financing and completion .
Alcon Consultant Engineers Ltd undertakes major projects in Greece and abroad.

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